Pet Services

Simple & Affordable. Rutherford treats your pet just like any other family member.
Our affordable private pet cremation service offers a valuable alternative to other costly pet cremation services.

Private Cremation

We only offer Private Pet Cremation

  • We cremate only ONE pet at a time. 
  • Our crematories are operated by licensed funeral directors and certified crematory operators. 
  • Our PRIVATE crematories are located in our funeral home and your pet never leaves our care. 
  • Generally, your pet is returned to you within 48-72 hrs.

We are trusted and highly recommended by local vets.

Viewing Cremation

Pet Cremation Price List

Weight            Price

0-25 lbs.          $35

26-50 lbs.        $55

51-75 lbs.        $80

76-100 lbs.      $105

Over 100 lbs.  $150

Local transportation from a Veterinarian's office- $25

Local transportation from a residence (25 miles from Funeral Home) 9-4 pm M-F only-$75

All cremated remains are returned in a container with a draw string cloth bag (included in the price).

We have a selection of urns available.